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With a lake the size of Lake Powell - 96 major canyons and seemingly endless secluded beaches. Abundant sport fishing, watersports and year 'round sight-seeing and hiking - it's no wonder the lake has become vacation mecca for thousands of families for many years.

Houseboats are the transportation of choice Houseboat rentalshere - though many types of craft ply the waters to favorite canyons. ARAMARK, the lake's primary concessionaire, maintains an extensive rental fleet of approximately 400 houseboats in different sizes and price ranges. They are available for rent all year long with deep discounts in the early Spring, late Fall and Winter months.

Mid-summer rentals require planning ahead and reservations for July and August (more often because of school schedules because these months can be very hot) should be secured at least 6 months, if not more, in advance.

All rentals include complete instruction prior to departure along with a thorough run-through of onboard systems. Though they are big - weighing some 20 tons, they are surprisingly easy to maneuver - plus it's one big lake!

Houseboat Rentals

To make arrangements for a houseboat vacation, you can contact individual rental companies, or contact Lake Powell Vacations - a specialized reservations group that provides custom itineraries and planning assistance for families and groups traveling to the lake.

Lake Powell Vacations

Reservations require a deposit (typically $600) and payment in full 60 days prior to departure. Fuel and insurance are not included in the rental price.

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